FIWARE Lab Status

FIWARE Lab is a working instance of FIWARE available for experimentation. FIWARE Lab spans 14 regions distributed in 5 geographic regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America) around the world.

This page provides a real time status of FIWARE Lab nodes. Some nodes may not be displayed if monitoring probes are not installed.

Map of FIWARE Node Status

This map provides a real time status of FIWARE Lab nodes (represented by a green, yellow, red or gray marker). Note that a gray colour for the marker means that there is no up-to-date data for that node or its services. The node needs to have at least the sanity status green, otherwise the marker will display the same value of the sanity status. If the sanity status is green, the marker will display the average of the services status. If you click on a specific node in the map, you can check the FIWARE services status for that node and a calendar graph of the Sanity Check status for the last selected months.
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Keystone P.
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